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hCG Quantitative, Serum; -hCG Quantitative, Serum; hCG, Quant (Serial)!

  • American Metabolic Testing Laboratories are using the modified IRMA method, and Bioluminescent method that tests for all molecular species of the HCG hormone. Unfortunately, however, there is NO TEST for the ALPHA subunit of HCG, at this point in time. This may be the reason for a negative test result in an established cancer patient.
  • HCG is the pregnancy hormone, and according to Dr. Schandl, the "malignancy hormone". Two different, super-sensitive testes are used, where one will confirm the other. No other laboratory performs these tests at the sensitivity level that we do. Therefore, do-it yourself pregnancy tests, commercial lab reports, and the Navarro test do not accurately report normals below 5.0mIU/mL. Most cancer patients have HCG levels between 1 - 5. Our cut-off point is less than 1.0 and the sensitivity of our immunoradiometric assay (IRMA) is 0.03 mIU/mL!
  • Normal levels are <1.0, i.e. less than 1.0 for the super-sensitive IRMA test, and less than 1.1 for the second Bioluminescent test.
  • It is a rather broad-spectrum tumor marker that can be elevated in all malignancies regardless of site. This hormone can be present in men and women in developing cancers several years proior to diagnosis. American Metabolic Testing Laboratories are using an ultra-sensitive, in-house modified method for HCG determination. Their technology utilizes radioimmunoassay or RIA. Self-test pregnancy kits, nor regular clinical laboratory methods can equal the sensitivity developed by Dr. Schandl.
  • Use Traditionally the test determines the presence of hCG in patients with gestational trophoblastic disease; evaluate and monitor male patients with testicular tumors; follow up molar pregnancy. The quantitative hCG assay should be used for nonroutine detection of hCG (eg, ectopic pregnancy, threatened abortions, miscarriages, or very early pregnancy).
  • Human chorionic gonadotropin, a glycoprotein hormone, which is normally produced by the developing placenta, and aberrantly produced by some germ cell neoplasms, is composed of glycopeptide alpha and beta subunits. The alpha subunit, a 92 amino acid sequence, is identical with that of luteinizing hormone, follicle stimulating hormone, and thyroid-stimulating hormone. The beta subunit, a 145 amino acid sequence, is unique to hCG and specific tests for it are not subject to hormonal cross reactivity.
  • Chorionic gonadotropin assays are sometimes used to support the diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy. Ectopic gestations do not develop or secrete hCG as do intrauterine pregnancies. Abnormal hCG levels coupled with transvaginal ultrasound detect many ectopic pregnancies prior to rupture.
  • hCG levels are extremely useful in following those germ cell neoplasms which produce hCG, particularly trophoblastic neoplasms. Following evacuation of a trophoblastic lesion, hCG should fall to normal in 6-8 weeks and stay there. Oral contraceptive use may delay this fall. Any other delay in the fall, or subsequent rise, is an indication for other further evaluation.
  • In germ cell neoplasms in the male, hCG and alpha fetoprotein are both useful tumor markers. They can be demonstrated histochemically in tissue to confirm diagnosis, and can be followed in serum to evaluate recurrence.

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